Word of the Day – Analphabetic

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Today is International Literacy Day and that’s why for today’s word of the day I chose:


adj. 1. Completely lacking in letters
2. Utterly unable to read

700 MILLION people in the world are unable to read a single letter and the vast majority of those are women. In the 21st century that is mind boggling.

The only cure to discrimination based on gender, race, sexual preference or religion is to READ. Yet a huge section of our population can’t – so how can we hope to progress?

Reading is a gift. So what can we do to help all those who are lacking this vital privilege?

In short, reach out to one of these organisations in one way or another:

  • International Literacy Association The largest of all literacy organisations. ILA combats the problem in over 75 countries. Check out their amazing work and help them by donating books or materials
  • Reach Out and Read: Based in more than 5,500 cities across the U.S., nonprofit Reach Out and Read helps support literacy skills in early childhood by helping low-income families access information and support, while also providing adequate health care for young children.
  • Literacy for Incarcerated Teens: Addressing the high amount of jailed teens who can’t read or write
  • ProLiteracy: Providing girls in Niger with the skills to read in their native languages
  • Bookshare: the largest resource for free literature across the world


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