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I am subscribed to a service on Facebook called ‘Shine Text.’ Basically, they send you a message every day with a quote or an inspirational piece of life advice. How to be a Writer is in no way affiliated with them but it’s a great service and a delightful way to begin the day.

You can request their daily message here.

Before I digress I want to get on with How to be a Writer’s word of the day which comes courtesy of Shine so here it is:

Vuja de

n. The feeling of seeing something different in a completely different way.


Now this word is not strictly¬†real. But it’s a neologism that I hope makes it quickly into common usage.

The idea is that you take the mundane – perhaps your daily routine – and see it through the eyes of a tourist. That way you can reclaim a little bit of presentness and magic in your life. Here at How to be a Writer we really appreciate that life can get in the way of the wonder. It’s important to step back and…what’s that old adage?¬†Smell the flowers.

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