Word of the Day – Bush League

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OK, so when I decided to start a Word of the Day section I knew I had to begin on the right note. I had to set the tone and all that.

(Before I begin I would like to say that I get many of my ‘words of the day’ from Anu Garg’s wonderful email service. She sets a theme every week and then sends a word relating that theme with its etymology and usage, every day! You can sign up here.)

Today’s word of the day really tickled me. Perhaps because I’ve been sat behind my desk all day doing invoices and I was going mad.

bush league
(bush leeg)

n: A minor league of a professional sport, especially baseball.
adjective: Second-rate, unpolished, or amateurish.
Bush league has been around since 1906.It comes from the word ‘bush’ which means uncultivated or wild, remote lands but now the word can be employed similarly to ‘shambles’.
For example, “The whole wedding was a bush league from start to finish, there was no backup plan for the rain and the food was ruined!”
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