The Great Writers’ Timeline to Success

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If you want to be a writer then it’s prudent to take a leaf or two out of the books of those who have already made it.

If you’re new then I highly recommend reading this first.

Anywho. Today we’re going to take a chronological look at what some of my favourites had to say on becoming a writer.


Every great story has a great beginning so let’s start your writing career with a pearl of wisdom from way back when.

c. 1000 BC

want to be a writer







An interesting choice to start off with perhaps?

I agree.

The reason why I chose this particular quote is that if you want to be a writer you should learn to fail because you will fail…a lot.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. The wise Greek also wrote,

“A man who has been through bitter experiences and travelled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time.”

He means that one who is full of life experience eventually begins to benefit from it, bad experiences toughen the skin!
So go out there and fail a lot, succeed a lot but whatever you do…get started!

c. 500 BC

Image result for aesop








Aesop is renowned for his world-class advice and people have been using this guy’s stories as life guides for over 2000 years. I personally believe that this is the most valuable nugget in the whole article because there are a lot of ‘writers’ who do more talking than writing.

This is hazardous for your career and development. I recently read an article which urged people to stop talking about their goals. The article discussed a study that claims when people talk about what they want to do, they receive a sense of satisfaction as if they had done the thing. Consequently, there is less drive to actually DO that thing.

So stop talking about that bloody book and start putting pen to paper for goodness’ sake!

c. 0 BC

I want to be a writer








It’s yo boy Pliny. And I’m using him to show that a big part of writing is living. There is a stereotype of writers being hermits who stay indoors and live in their own heads all day but this is poppycock. Some of the world’s most iconic writers were – for the most part – eccentric socialites. Writers must appreciate the value of life experience. Drink, feast and be merry! It will reflect in your work.

How do you intend to produce a tapestry if there is no yarn from which to weave?

Me, today.


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When bae walks into the bar after a drink.

how to be a writer








Don’t overdo your writing and don’t overthink it (leave that for editing). If there is one thing How to be a Writer truly understands, it is that in 2017 – less in more.

When people read, whether it be a book, an article or guide, they want it to be bitesize.
Short and sweet.
If you want to be a writer, learn to use your words. There are so many of them, there’s no reason to use a whole paragraph to explain a simple concept. Get to the crux as soon as possible, readers have no time to be bored to death.

TIP! Creative writers should start as close the end as possible.


I want to be a writer

I swiped right for that resting bitch face.


I want to be a writer

Charlotte Bronte is an example for new writers starting out but who might be a little afraid submitting work. She became a writer at a time when women weren’t even able to vote. A time in which she would be the source of much laughter when her first book came out.

But she did it.

She is an example not only to women but to any writer ready to put their work on the waves of the world. People will always judge but at the end of the day, be content in knowing that there was a lot of effort put into it because that’s what will matter in 100 years.


I want be a writer

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Accept this as your life now.

Editing is an interesting process that takes many different shapes and forms. There’s the writer in denial who ‘nailed it the first time’ so there is ‘no need to make any changes.’ You might also come across the much-feared Editoris Brutalius, who deletes over 70% of the document and removes all the commas because hey ‘who needs commas anyway?’

Try to be decisive if you want to be a writer and when you can’t be decisive simply use your better judgement, it’s u-usually going to be all right…probably.

I wanted to say,

‘After a few times being published the editing process becomes second nature.’

But that would be a lie – it doesn’t.


Image result for george orwell

I want to be a writer








Look at George Orwell, just look at him. He knew what was up in 1948. I don’t want to sound

I don’t want to sound too cliche but with great influence comes great responsibility. If you’re writing and people are reading then you have a duty to use that positively.


I want to be a writer

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Finishing off on a high note. J.K. Rowling is an inspiration to anyone that wants to be a writer. She grew up humble and one day decided to start Harry Potter. Gathering momentum and not losing motivation she is now one of the most successful writers to walk the earth. You can’t be talented at everything so use your knack for writing, practice every day like J.K. Rowling and refine your skills until people are waiting on your every word.

Don’t just think about writing.



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