Must See Tips to Stay Focused When Writing

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Many, many writers have a hard time staying focused when writing their novels, articles or pieces and for someone who simply wants to have a finished product in their hands – this can be painfully frustrating.

I am one of those people whose mind is working overtime twenty-four hours a day. Even as I write this I have to consciously keep my gaze fixated on the screen so as not to get distracted.

Luckily I am managing and that is what’s important today. It took twenty-five years to learn to be able to concentrate and today I’m going to share some of my techniques with you.


Listen. A scattered brain will result in scattered work. When embarking on a new project, whatever it may be, make sure to do at least some planning beforehand. It doesn’t matter what class of creative genius you believe yourself to be, a plan of action will help you stay on track when you hit a wall and find yourself pondering the wonders of your navel.

I find just scribbling a little work-flow/timeline on my notepad the easiest and most comfortable way to do things, you can add and remove stuff as and when you need to as well. If that doesn’t work for you then you can do it any way you please. The most vital thing you need to know when asking yourself how to remain focused when writing is to always have a reference. You will be done with your work in no time.


Arguably the most important tip on this list is just getting started, the biggest problem I face is procrastination. Once I get started, I’m usually pretty good at keeping up the momentum but actually sitting down to actually work…I put it off by doing everything else. If you have something to do, rip of the plaster and get to it! You might surprise yourself.

Keep going!

As I mentioned earlier. I had a lot of trouble knowing how to focus when writing. I still do even, as we speak I am fidgetting with my feet, I just got up to put on a sweater only to throw it off three minutes later. This is precarious. If you let yourself be distracted just once then you might trigger a procrastination-chain which results in your work sitting untouched all day.

Contain it! Keep your eyes glued to the screen and imagine how nice it will feel when you’ve finished being productive!

Keep the document open

This is a little lifehack I devised although it has undoubtedly been around since the dawn of time. Keep your bloody document open! If you want it to be finished then why would you close it? That is just like trying to avoid tidying your room by pushing the shit under your bed. Face the reality of what you have to do, embrace it goddamnit! Only then will you truly achieve zen and be able to nail piles of tedious writing jobs with ease.

When there’s nowhere to hide you begin to feel the guilt of procrastination. That guilt is a good sign, it means you care about what you want to do so get it done.

Don’t listen to music

Some people work very well whilst listening to music. I don’t. As a matter of fact, right now I am struggling to write because Robbie Williams’ Angels somehow made it into the podcast I’m listening to and now I’m singing.
If you are unaffected by listening to your music when working, superb, but if you think it’s helpful and it’s actually not then I HIGHLY recommend investing in a radio app, talk shows or my favourite…podcasts.

The thing is, writing with no sound can be pleasant in moments of tranquillity but most of the day it feels isolated and too quiet without voices. That’s why I choose podcasts, there are lots to choose from and I’m only really half-listening to them anyway.

That was it for today’s quickie. As with all of them I aim to keep it short and sweet. If you have anything to add then hit me up. Check me out on the new Instagram and watch this space for the upcoming podcast!!

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