How Not To Stay Focused When Writing

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I recently wrote an article called ‘How to Stay Focused When Writing.’ Well this morning, I looked at my to-do list and two hours of doing nothing later, it dawned on me – I am the worst procrastinator I know! I’m so unbelievably terrible at putting ass to seat and getting my work done.

I’m so good at procrastinating that I’m extending a deadline to write this article. Well, there’s absolutely nothing left to clean in my apartment so what else can I do? Anyway, let’s crack on.

Definitely, clean your room. It looks terrible and is, without doubt, the most important thing you have to do today. You definitely don’t have to chase those invoices, Karen.

strongly dislike cleaning or tidying. In all honesty, I have an aversion to chores of all descriptions and they’re usually completed with a considerable amount of aggression and swearing. That’s why if you don’t want to stay focused when writing, then you should probably do the dishes…or mop the floor…or insert your laundry into the appropriate drum and hit wash.

Play some video games

If you are a practical person and want to procrastinate efficiently, wiling away the hours playing video games is a tried and tested method that has proven itself over the years. This activity is my personal favourite and from what I have learned over the years I can tell you this; procrastination sessions can last up to twelve hours – so bring snacks.

Cook some food

It doesn’t matter if you just ate breakfast. Wake up! It’s 2017! We have brunch…and linner – or is that just me? Anyway, cooking food is a rewarding way to procrastinate. It’s hard to feel bad after eating some delicious, greasy quesadillas like I just did before writing this paragraph. I’ll probably make a couple more before I continue…

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Do some quizzes on Buzzfeed

It was only after, oh, I don’t know, maybe eight quizzes that I realised this was getting out of hand. It took over me, I simply needed to know how many Reese Witherspoon movies I had seen in my life. Spoiler: it’s seven.


Ask yourself this. Is there any superior way to do nothing than to enjoy the blissful lull of a quick nap? Treat yourself to midway pause, you deserve it after only catching eight hours of solid, undisrupted sleep last night.

On days of particular inactivity, you might catch me taking up to three siestas. To achieve maximum hours of sleep it’s wise to avoid drinking any sugary drinks or beverages with caffeine. Try to avoid water too, this will avert any potential toilet breaks disturbing your slumber.

Don’t feel limited to the above, however. You should get creative with your procrastination. I’m talking going outside and filling your lungs with some sweet, sweet air. I’m talking feeling the wood against your palms and building a treehouse or even a swimming pool. All this free time you’ve suddenly acquired from sliding those priorities under the rug means you can achieve anything. You could even become a writer!


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